Tea tree for cold sore part 3

so this is the end of day 7 and I’m very happy with how well tea tree oil worked on my cold sore:

Day 7 of Tee Tree Oil and my lip is all healed up!
Day 7 of Tea Tree Oil and my lip is all healed up!

By now it’s mostly healed up, and just slightly tender. I believe it’ll be completely healed by tomorrow night.

I will be using Tea Tree Oil as my go to method from now on!

A couple notes from this experience:

1. I waited to start applying tea tree until late in the day after I felt my lip getting buzzy/fat feeling. Normally, my lip gets tender the day before the buzzy starts. Like, where if I accidentally scrape my tooth across it, it hurts a bit.

That is my first real sign of a cold sore, and from now on, instead of ignoring that pain and hoping it goes away without blowing out into a sore, I will treat that like a 3-alarm fire and get some tea tree oil on it pronto!

I believe that Tea Tree’s antiviral properties kill the virus so the sooner I can get it on, the less damage the virus can do to my lip. And it’s the damage (blister) that’s such a pain *literally* to deal with!

2. I went out in the sun & pool two days in a row for hours, which effectively re-activated the virus and increased the damage to my lip. Once I stayed inside or in the shade with total UV block for my face, the healing progressed quickly.

Going forward, if I cannot prevent a blister from forming (note 1) then I will at least keep it covered and limit exposure to sun/water. Once the blister got wet, it was really hard to keep it adhered to my lip –which I try to do to keep my lip from bleeding, because that starts a cracking/drying cycle that takes longer to heal.

My lip did bleed a couple times after the outer blister slid off, but putting tea tree oil on helped to reform a barrier quickly.

3. I’m quite used to the feeling of TTO because I use it all the time on my nose and face. If I was new to it though, there’s a good chance it might sting, especially if I put on a lip raw from a cold sore. In that case, I’d mix it into a carrier oil, like maybe coconut oil since it’ll be close to my mouth and I’ll possibly swallow some.

4. The cost of the 1oz bottle I use was $9-ish, and I used 1 drop about 5 times a day, for 7 days. (So barely any) not sure how much that works out to be, but I imagine it’s pennies. That makes me very happy!

This is not medical advice for anyone. I shared my story for educational purposes only. Consult your own healthcare provider regarding your situation. I am not a doctor. 


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