My best pillow ever

As someone who has neck trouble, back trouble, hip trouble and just body aches in general, I’ve always been a sucker for pillow advertising (mattresses too!) in hopes of sleeping better.

And I’m a sucker for down: pillows, comforters, toppers,whatever! I just love the smooshie feeling.

And I’m also a wash-n-wear girl, and that goes for pillows too. I like to feel like my bed is a haven and there are just too many gross out articles detailing what goes on in the covers at night! So I want to be able to wash my pillows regularly.

And if that wasn’t me being picky enough, I also want to buy local or American, aaaand I gotta be able to afford it!

It was a daunting task, but I did it! I found my best pillow ever!


photo of wool stuffing
The fluffy wool makes the best pillow ever

I now have wool stuffed pillows that are the best pillows I’ve ever used.

I love these because they are smooshie and formable, and they support my extra heavy head (side sleeper). Wool is also naturally dust mite resistant and naturally flame retardant, passing the gov’t test without needing chemicals applied.

It gets better!

I bought my wool from American farmers, and then I bought American made, seed-to-seam organic inside covers, cases and sheets.

It feels like I’m sleeping in a cloud!

And once a month or so, I dump the covers out and I air dry all my beautiful wool while I wash bedding. It dries out and fluffs up and then I put it all back in the covers and voila! Like brand new pillows!

I wasn’t sure how my hubs would feel about the new pillows but he just loves them! His sinus trouble  has been dramatically reduced and even better… No snoring!

And the cost for our 100% American-made two queen-sized, medium to heavy density pillows with covers was less than two similar pillows at IKEA filled with synthetic fiber.

So let’s see I hit all my needs:

Cost-check, natural-check, smooshie but firm enough-check, American-made–double check, and washable with hygienic properties-check check check!!

I’m so giddy over a pillow!! And how do I sleep? Awesome. If my neck starts bothering me, I firm up or smoosh down and presto–back to dreamland.

Cheers to motherhood FTW!




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