Little Bitty Crochet Cowboy Hat

After much trial and error, reading too many patterns and frogging no less than 5 half-completed attempts, I finished my first baby hat. Finally.

I used this pattern and it took a couple hours.


The hat looks so much better when it’s next to a face!

It took all my will to push through to the last stitch, and I had to walk away for an hour to resist frogging the whole thing!

I’m a tough critic. Always thinking it can be better.

After some time away, I liked it better.

I stitched really tight at first then loosened up, so the crown shapes easily without water. It looked better on than off, thanks to my girls trying it on the dog and a doll.
I’ll be ripping it out this weekend and going for a bigger version. I like the yarn I used, just leftovers from my stash but it reminds me of a raffia hat.

I’ll make this again if I can figure out how to adjust the size.  I’m working on a new spreadsheet for sizing hats, like the one I did for diaper covers.

Hopefully I can get that and the one for booties up soon. Stay tuned.

I hope this inspires you to try creating something too!




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