Daydream Hack #2: Clean the house

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Once you have gotten good at feeling motivated to get out of bed, then you are ready to do a new daydream hack. This time, we’ll use visualization to get motivated to clean the house.

This visualization is for when you’ve gotten up and you can’t see to get moving. You’re in front of the tv and you know the housework is there, it needs to be done and it’s your job to do it, but you just can’t get going on it.

First, notice what time it is when you start.

While you’re sitting down and relaxed, close your eyes and picture the chore you are least excited about. For me, that’s usually doing the dishes, so I’ll pick that one.

Imagine the dishes going into the water in the sink. See the gunk and goo rinsing off. They are shiny and wet now, sparkling clean. I have a dishwasher, so I picture my hands getting all wet and feeling the water running over them as I reach into the sink and grab the dishes and then move them over into the dishwasher.

I hear the clink and clack of the dishes as I put them in; the tinny sound of utensils as I drop them into the basket. I focus on the sound of the water splashing on the sink and going down the drain.

Once all the dishes are loaded, I open the dish detergent and notice the smell of lemons and cleaner. It’s a sharp smell and reminds me of clean. I put the soap into the machine and close the door. I feel the pressure of the door again my hands until the sound of a click lets me know it’s really shut. Then I grab the dial and turn it, feeling the resistance in my fingers, listening for the sound of the water going in.

Then I imagine the sound of the machine for a second, swooshing water around and then silence. Now it’s time to empty it because it’s done. I open it up and the heat rushes out. I feel the steam against my face for a second and then I easily grab out the dishes and start putting them away. I see them all lined up and shiny clean in their spaces. My whole kitchen feels like it’s so much bigger and cleaner already just by doing my dishes.

Now, just keep going with the details until you feel motivated enough to go and start the chore you imagined. Once you’re ready to start, notice the time. How many minutes did that take? Repeat this same visualization daily for this same chore, noticing how many minutes it takes to generate your motivation each time.

How many days does it take until you don’t need to do it anymore because it’s automatic? Once you get there, you can do this one again for the next chore that needs a boost. Pretty soon, if you keep going, you will find that you actually build momentum as you go and the other household chores are easier to do and you naturally build a routine that lets you get it all done quickly and regularly.




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